Life Groups

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We believe it is important to go deeper into God’s Word and devote time to studying it. This is where Life Groups play a key role – small groups that meet regularly together in each other’s homes to read, reflect, discuss and pray. Here at Birchwood Community Church we encourage everyone to join a Life Group if possible so that they can grow in their faith and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Life Groups are spread across WA3, meeting on different days and at different times during the week. This provides the best opportunity for you to find what most suits you. Currently our Life Groups are meeting as follows:


Culcheth/Croft Group: 7.30pm. Contact person: John Rockley

Oakwood Group: 7.45pm. Contact person: Chris Carroll 


Oakwood Group: 1.00pm. Contact person: Jackie Alletson

Padgate Group: 7.30pm. Contact person: Derek Ellison


Oakwood Group: 12.30pm. Contact person: Beryl Loy

Gorse Covert Group: 2.30pm. Contact person: Jeanette Chahal

Fearnhead Group: 7.45pm. Contact person: Trevor Bell


Ladies Daytime Group: 9.30am. Contact person: Jo Towers


Edge - Young Peoples Group: 7.00pm. Contact person: James Towers

Life Groups also enable sharing, encouragement and support, particularly when times get tough. You can be assured of confidentiality and have the opportunity to pray through your concerns. They are also places where you can celebrate – birthdays, good news, family successes – and just enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re new to the area and would like to find out which Life Group would suit you best, ask any of the Welcome Team to connect you with James, who is responsible for Life Groups. He will advise you on the choice available and put you in touch with the appropriate Life Group leader.

So, get connected and the rest is up to you….

Life Group Bible study
Life Group meeting in Encounter Centre
Studying God's Word
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