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If there’s one thing we have lost through these challenging times, it’s routine. The rhythm of our daily lives has been disrupted. What if we could create a rhythm that brings us to a better place in our personal relationship with God than ever before? Over the next few weeks, we are going to look at what it means to create healthy, spiritual rhythms that last through 2022 and beyond. 

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The Characters of Christmas
Our Christmas Series focuses on the main characters – simply telling the story as it happened, through the eyes of God’s chosen ones. Then relating it to our experience of life with Jesus, Emmanuel with us today!
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Jonah - Outrageous Grace

JONAH – OUTRAGEOUS GRACE! Jonah 2:9 – ‘Salvation is of the Lord’.

Jonah was the world’s worst missionary! He is not the hero of this story – God is! So we call all relate to, and learn from, the story of Jonah, as we seek to share the Gospel that we have been learning about at BCC over the past weeks. 

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The Gospel For Today

In order for us to be able to communicate the heart of the gospel to our friends it follows that we need to first understand what it is and why it still is, and always will be, good news for mankind.

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Encountering Jesus

In this series we are looking through the gospels to explore some of the Encounters that ordinary people had with Jesus. We pray that as a result we will come to understand how the impact of those encounters applies to each of us today, because Jesus is still changing lives!

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Put on the full armour of God

Ephesians 6:10-17

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Hiking in the Highlands
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For God’s people, a ‘new normal’ means new ground with new possibilities! As we emerge from lockdown, we believe that, like Joshua, we should be courageous, faithful and confident that God is with us, forging ahead whilst not forgetting to look back. 

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Deeper Session led by Trevor Bell

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Good Friday and Easter Services

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7 last words of Jesus

We are inviting you to reflect on the 7 last words of Jesus from the cross,one for each day through this special week. We pray that as you journey with us, you will reach into the hope, the promise of new life, which was coming...


God's Plan for His community

In this series, we will be looking at the book of James. Now that we have been brought into God's family, we're invited to work with God right here, right now. He expects us to be the change He wants to see in our community.

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Songs for the Climb
In this series, we will be looking at the Psalms of Ascent - the songs that the Jewish pilgrims would sing as they climbed the road up to Jerusalem to worship God together. They teach us how to prepare for our worship of God each week and will alos help us as we journey with God as we climb out of the pandemic.
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