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During these challenging times, we are surrounded by fear and we are not immune to it. We need to remember that where fear reigns, faith is driven away. But where faith reigns, fear has no place.
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Our church verse for 2020 is Micah 6:8: 'Do what is fair and just to your neighbour, be compassionate and loyal in your love, and don't take yourself too seriously - take God seriously' (from Message translation). How does this instruction from God apply to us
in these unprecedented times?

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This series is about 'How should we worship God?' It teaches and what God wants, so that whether we worship in our homes or together, our worship is acceptable to Him.
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Hard times inevitably come, how can we be prepared to handle them? The prophet Habakkuk called for a turning to God in faith in the midst of crumbling circumstances, that no matter how dark things might become, God would be faithful to the covenant He made to His people.

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In these unprecedented times, we are given an incredible opportunity to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to a whole group of people who are open to hearing it for possibly the first time. The series starts with a service designed to get us fishing, ie ready to ‘put down nets’ as we approach Easter. Then the focus is on the unconditional love of Jesus, that saw Him willingly go to the cross – it brought the possibility of complete forgiveness, of death that has lost its sting and of life that would last forever, with a new heaven and a new earth..
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Luke 6 Good & Bad FruitsMark Muller
00:00 / 31:52
Luke 6 Do not judgeAndy Jordan
00:00 / 39:15
22nd March Worship Service
22nd March Service

This series will take us through the “Sermon on the Plain” – what Jesus said on topics like the unlikely route to blessing, loving our enemies, judging others, building our lives on solid foundations and more.

Luke 6 Love your enemiesDerek Ellison
00:00 / 31:25
The Unlikely Route to BlessingsDan DeBell
00:00 / 39:35

We often says "the main thing is to
keep the main thing the main thing" to remind ourselves that we need to
keep focused on what really matters.
In this series we will be looking at Paul's five trustworthy sayings in his letters to Timothy and Titus.

Titus 3Dass Chahal
00:00 / 35:34
1 Tim 3 The ChurchJohn Rockley
00:00 / 31:31
2 Tim 2 SacrificeJames Towers
00:00 / 24:30
1 Timothy 1Andy Jordan
00:00 / 31:48
1 Tim 4 Keep FitTrevor Bell
00:00 / 33:42
Micah 6. 2020 visionJohn Rockley
00:00 / 37:18

The Christmas series 'Love Came Down' is based on John 1:1-18. Although it doesn't contain any specific details of the Nativity, it explains quite why Jesus came down from heaven earth at the first Christmas...

John 1 v1-3John Rockley
00:00 / 25:23
John 1 v4-13Trevor Bell
00:00 / 31:54
Luke 2 ShepherdsDan DeBell
00:00 / 29:08
Ecclesiasties ch 1John Rockley
00:00 / 44:29
Ecc ch 6-8Trevor Bell
00:00 / 33:42

Ecclesiastes is an ancient book with a relevant message for today. It's about searching for meaning in life, and how so many look for it in all the wrong places. At the end of the book, the writer finds the only real purpose in life is found in God and walking His way.

Ecc ch 3 RememberMike McDade
00:00 / 25:15
Ecc ch9Andy Jordan
00:00 / 36:22

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